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Horses have been around us our entire lives, and we believe that gives us much respect and love for our horses. In the years before our farm was establishes, we had been blessed with owning a few unregistered appaloosas. We had been impressed with the unregistered appaloosas that we used for family and trail riding.

Shelby and Travis

In 2003 after selling a very loved riding horse, we were in search for another trail riding horse. We were so very lucky to find a solid black appaloosa mare "Jokers Colida Bandit". While looking at this mare, we noticed that this farm had a beautiful blue roan snowcap appaloosa stallion "Hadars Lepracomet". They told us that he was also for sale, but at the time we kindof smirked and said that we were in no way ready for a stallion.

Hadars Lepracomet

We didn't even have experance in handling a stallion. That day we did buy the mare. The ride home and that night gave us the chance to think about buying the stallion. The next day we called them and said that we would be sending a deposit in the mail for the stallion. We were very busy in the next few weeks getting prepared for a stallion; our stallion pen is made with 8 ft. tall wooden fences.

The horses were delivered and they settled in wonderfully. We attached to them very fast. Later on that fall we purchased another mare by the name of "Hooked On Sleeping", and she was in foal to "A and B Stop Sign". Since then we have purchased many appaloosa mares from many different states, and have sold foals all over.

In the late winter 2005/spring 2006, we were blessed to have the opportunity to purchase Pistol Rose H from Black Hills Sporthorses in SD. Before owning Pistol Rose H, besides the color, I could not tell the difference between a foundation appaloosas temperment and any other breed. Pistol Rose H is our treasure, she has shown us what true beauty is, she is loyal, loveable, kind and very very smart.

Pistol Rose H

Never did I believe that we could find another horse to even come close to her. This was until we bought her sister, Starlight H, in July of 2006. Starlight H got off the trailer after a very long haul from California to us in Illinois. She was as calm as could be, very tame, loved people, very smart, and just as beautiful as her sister Pistol Rose H. These are truly the best two mares that I have had the pleasure to own.

Starlight H

In November 2006 we were very happy to welcome PJA Ghostwind Spirit as a junior stallion in our program. He has the late Frank Scripter bloodlines, and was bred by the late Louis Williams. We expect great things out of this young stallion.

PJA Ghostwind Spirit

We are still learning very much about appaloosas, and I hope that the learning never stops. We look forward to the future years and hope that the Appaloosa as a breed. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you for reading about our appaloosas, and feel free to browse our site. Feel free to email or call anytime for more information, pictures or pedigree. We love hearing from you!!!

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